School truancy, particularly in primary and secondary schools, represents a serious issue deserving attention in the communities of Bossier and Webster Parish.  Several studies have concluded that lack of commitment to school is a risk factor youths continuing their troubled behavior in school, experiencing psychosocial difficulties, and entering the juvenile justice system.  The problem of Truancy takes a toll not only on students, but also on schools and communities.

The School Attendance Law (R.S. 17:221) requires that children ages 7 to 18 attend school with minimal amount of unexcused absences.  This law is in place to protect the rights of children to have the best advantage of educational opportunities available.  The responsibility for attendance is that of the parent and/or guardian.

The District Attorney’s Office with input from the Bossier Parish School Board and the Webster Parish School Board administer a Truancy Assessment and Service Center serving Bossier and Webster Parishes.

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