This Program is a collaborative effort with the Bossier Parish District Attorney, the Bossier Parish Sheriff and Louisiana Public Safety Corporation to take crime fighting in Bossier Parish to the next level.  This Program leverages advances in technology to help law enforcement officials keep Bossier Parish citizens safe.

The technology is advanced license plate readers (LPR).  LPRs have been installed on public roadways around Bossier Parish. When a vehicle passes by that does not have the required liability coverage, a “notice of violation” will be mailed to the vehicle’s registered owner. If the owner does have the required insurance, they provide proof of insurance on the date of the citation, and the citation is dismissed. Otherwise, the owner will need to make payment on the citation.

Louisiana Law requires owners to have insurance on vehicles operated on public roadways.  The fact is 1 in every 5 drivers in Louisiana do not follow this law.  This Program helps reduce those instances and in turn, makes our streets safer.

If you receive a “Notice of Violation”, see below for contact information and links to our payment website.

To make an electronic payment visit

You can also mail your payment to:

Bossier Parish Traffic Safety Program
P.O. Box 38
Benton, LA 71006

If you need additional information about the program or have questions regarding your citation, visit or email

You can reach the Louisiana Public Safety Program by calling (318) 734-0425.