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Victim Assistance

Do you need information on filing for a protective order?

Please visit Louisiana Protective Registry –


A Crime has been committed, now what?

Someone has been arrested for the crime.
Law enforcement and other reports will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s office.
File will be reviewed by an Assistant District Attorney. Charges against the defendant may be accepted for prosecution, adjusted, or rejected, depending on the evidence and other factors.
If the defendant’s charges are accepted or adjusted, the Assistant District Attorney will begin court proceedings.


Is there someone who can answer my question?

The District Attorney has created a special program to provide victims of crimes whose cases are pending in district court, information, assistance and services for their special needs.
As a victim of crime you are entitled to certain rights. In order to activate these rights you must contact our office and set up an appointment with a Victim Assistance Coordinator.
Our hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

The Victim Assistance Program works only with crime victims and witnesses.


What if I suffered financially because of this crime?

If you are the victim of a personal injury, death or catastrophic property loss, have reported the crime to the appropriate law enforcement agency within 72 hours, and are cooperating with law enforcement and the District Attorney’s office, you may qualify for financial assistance from the Crime Victims Reparation Board.

The Crime Victims Reparations Program –


Know your Rights Call Today!

You can speak with a Victim Assistance Coordinator by calling 965-3723, between the hours of 8:30 A.M. until 4:30 P.M.


Others Who Can Help

District Attorney’s Office – Child Support 965-2332

Crime Victims – Reparations 747-8600

YWCA Family Violence Program/Sexual Assault Center 222-2117

Bossier Parish Sheriff – Non-Emergencies 965-2203

Bossier City Police Dept. – Non-Emergencies 741-8611


R.S. 46:1844 Crime Victims/Witness Rights

As victim, guardian of a victim, or close relative of a deceased victim you are entitled to the following rights within the criminal justice system:

  • The right to services and information concerning services available to victims and witnesses of a crime;
  • Advance notification to victim, or designated family member concerning judicial proceedings; and the right to be present;
  • The right to schedule a conference with the district attorney’s office within reasonable time to obtain your view;
  • When requested, the victim/witness shall be assisted by the judicial agency in informing employers that the need for victim and witness cooperation in the prosecution of the case may necessitate absence of the victim or witness from work;
  • The notification of scheduling changes;
  • If properly registered with the clerk of the court, the victim or designated family member shall have the right to view and comment on the presentence or postsentence reports relating to the crime against the victim;
  • The victim shall have the right to a speedy disposition and prompt and final conclusion of the case after conviction and sentencing;
  • The victim and victim’s family members shall have the right to make a written and oral victim impact statement subject to the limitations of relevance;
  • The right to the prompt return of property to victim or family member when it is no longer needed as evidence;
  • The right to seek restitution;
  • Notification of pardon or parole hearings;
  • The right to be informed, when requested, by a peace officer concerning the defendant’s right to bail and the procedures in criminal investigations.


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